pool night is an abstract ambient project heavily involving deconstruction and extraction of data from found material sourced online, using algorithms/plugins that enable this ‘meta-data’ skeleton to be given new sonic flesh

Everything is Still Here Pre-Release Event – Ex-Power Station, Floriana ( Malta ) – 08.07.2021

Everything is Still Here is a conscious nod to a legacy of recorded music wherein sound is ‘allowed’ to meaningfully absorb and reflect the physical space in which it is acting. The building blocks of the main body of music are extended granular samples, re-purposed midi data extracts, and processed longer samples from an array of such found recordings. The driving notion was therefore a play on this idea of representation of space within the medium of sound.

The title was evoked by a dream I often recollect, that revolved around a new apartment. The dream could be said to be almost conveyed from the point of view of the apartment, since it paused and resumed upon leaving and re-entering the space respectively. Upon returning, every time, fixed belongings in the house I would find to have shifted ever so slightly, just enough for only me to notice, however making it impossible to meaningfully convey the phenomenon to anyone visiting. This was also accentuated by the fact that nothing ever went missing, so ‘everything was still there’. Also there not being any trace of movement from one time to the next, everything felt deceptively ‘still’.

The music here spoke, for me, to this same core mood that pervades this dream, also being greatly concerned with and characterised by the active influence that specific spaces have on things that ‘happen’ within.

All music by Nigel Baldacchino
Mastered by Aidan Baker
Illustration by Josmar Azzopardi
Graphic design by Kurt Buttigieg

pool night :: dovetail

pool night mix one :: air around balloons ( c. 1h 50m )

if pool night were a little house, this mix would be a long walk in the neighbourhood at a time of day when everyone is in their house awake.

1 : 1-100 ( Michael Nyman )
2 : Why Do I Still Sleep ( Popol Vuh )
3 : limpidité ( Robert Viger )
4 : Cosmic Piece ( Cleve Pozar )
5 : Horizon I’ve ever seen before ( Hiroshi Yoshimura )
6 : dovetail ( pool night )
7 : Becalmed ( Brian Eno )
8 : Andantino – Final ( Pierre Schaeffer )
9 : Sleepy Time ( Raymond Scott )
10 : Never Mind ( Masami Tsuchiya )
11 : Barreras ( Iury Lech )
12 : Morning Glory ( Enno Velthuys )
13 : Cosmic Meditation ( Moondog )
14 : At Alaron – Side A ( Constance Demby )
15 : Dream Dream Away ( Yo La Tengo )
16 : Formalism ( John Tchicai )
17 : Hymn to Joy ( Karin Krogg )

Strange Days in the Cave – Għar San Brinkaw ( Malta ) – 06.05.2016 – w/ Aaron Dilloway
If you can hear this – Żejtun ( Malta ) – 12.06.2020