self titled album, 2014
credits : lead vocal, songwriting, production

Fastidju started in 2012 with Nigel Baldacchino conceiving vague sung melodies and sound structures for existing pieces of writing compiled for the exhibition SAJDA in 2012.Thereafter, collaborations were sought with electronic producers such as Clive Vella and Mario Sammut to flesh out his musical skeletons. As the project developed, an album was devised for the songs to be compiled. At this stage, a band (Daniel Borg and Matthew Shields on guitars, Kurt Fenech on bass, Kris Agius on sampled/synthesized ambiences and Samuel Sciberras on drums) took the task of augmenting the creative process and dynamic of the project.

The project disbanded in 2016.

watch, listen :

il-gratitudni tas-sabiħ 
vjaġġ ma’ Spartaku

faħam [ live ]
god in a taxi [ live ]
ħafna mis-slaleb Jinsabu fuq il-barkun sa fejn tasal it-tiġrija [ live ]